Saturday, December 7, 2013

New rising trusted ptc Northclix - $1 cashout - paypal - active rented referrals - memberships - reliable admin

The best ptc- here's why

       We all have been down that road: you invest some money via paypal into a ptc like neobux, but end up with inactive refs, too much fees and slow payments. I'm tired of that too. That's why I'm here to introduce you to the best PTC in the industry in 2013. 

This site has active rented referrals, low fees, and it's a new and rising ptc- this is the perfect one to sign up with if youre willing to invest a little, or a lot, and get some direct referrals, for potential amazing profits. yes this is that kind of blog. Let me tell you how.

I'm here to share a method with you that will get you an extra $5, $10, $15 dollars per day.

Active Rented Referrals

Most sites like Neobux, Probux, Nerdbux and more are known for their rent-a-referral feature. But those referrals have terrible averages, and you will end up over-recycling and pulling hair for no real profit. Only amazing averages on NorthClicks referrals! they actually click, and are affordable, so you can invest a little, for a big profit!
This website is amazing.

How much actual time you invest in this site is up to you but the potential for earnings is amazing! click ads, get refs, upgrade, and then insta cash-out to Paypal for that extra buck!

Down the line you can upgrade your Membership to one of the offered packages starting at $2.99! These will increase earnings, more ads, discounts, more rentable refs, better rates, and more!

It's very recommended to upgrade if you want that extra buck
(no investment, this process will take only 1-2 weeks due to the many things you can do to make money on the site!

You can click ads, watch video, play games, many different lotteries, prize grids, PTS and offers, there is so much to do on this site!

Active Referrals. A site that is Sustainable, Trusted, at affordable rates. If you are looking for a stable, trusted ptc, this is the one.

Direct payment to Paypal
That's right, northclicks is 100% paypal supported with instant cash-out to paypal!

The strategy
What are these PTC, PTD (paid-to-do) and PTS (paid-to-signup) sites?

PTC- paid to click - you will get paid to watch 30-second, 15-second, or 3-second ads and receive anywhere from .0001 to .001 per click, you must Confirm with a click by the end of the timer to receive the money. This is REAL money you are making spending 10-15 a day watching ads and referring friends, no investments!

PTD- paid to do -you are paid to do tasks such as surveys paid or free offers, games, and other things that will usually reward you money.

PTS- paid to sign up - you are paid to sign up for paid offers, referral and traffic exchange, etc.

What do I do and should I do it

Day 1 - Click all your ads, refer friends, play the games and do the offers. You can make anywhere from 0.008 to 0.050 on the first day! this amount can multiply with rented referrals.

Day 2 - Do all the same as day 1 except you can try and RENT or buy (new feature) your first referrals. paypal or your account balance are both accepted.

Day 3 - try and get more direct referrals by advertising your referral link to friends, family, on forums, websites, etc. you can also think about upgrading your membership for increased earnings by having more ads and less days between rentals

Day 4 - look into one of the memberships and continue clicking your 40+ daily ads and making that buck. don't get distracted by the lottery!

Day 5 -keep clicking and renting! the goal is to rent as much referrals as possible. Recycle the inactive referrals and Always keep autopay on. just keep on renting every week when possible, when you have around 50-100, it is time to upgrade and rent some more.

You will soon be making $1-2 a day, but with a Golden membership and let's say 200-300 refs, that can jump to 3-6 a day, doing virtually nothing!

The only thing I ask of you is to use my referral link, which can be found above! 

Thank you for reading, please consider using my referral link!

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